About Me

You Asked For it: My Unofficial Bio

About Me:  I am a busy wife, student, and soon-to-be mother as well as an avid reader. You will find that this blog will at some point address each of these roles. I started this blog on the behest of friends and family that decided I needed to write down my weird thoughts and someone would read them. And after much hemming and haw-ing I did. Lucky you :)

Age: thirty something (lets leave it at that)

Occupation: Educator, Librarian, psuedo-geek, etc …etc

Education: HA! I laugh not to cry. I have been in school most of my adult life, and for the most part I have enjoyed it. I am a three years and a half into my latest adventure and let me tell you it has been a real challenge. Learning is always fascinating to me, which is probably why I decided to teach and have learned more from my students than any textbook. I have worked with every type of age group you can think of K-12, adult learners, corporate training, graduate and now undergraduate students. And currently I am studying distance education as I work on my doctorate… . In reality so many things interest me, that I decide to study them formally or simply about them as much as I can.

Interests: Read the blog, its in there!

What will you do in the future: Right now I am exploring publishing… in my real job :)

Any other questions? Just Ask!